LegoWorld Videos from

Xander Soldaat from has taken some videos. The corresponding blog entries can be found here:

LEGOWorld – Day 0 – Tue 18 October 2011

LEGOWorld – Day 1 – Wed 19 October 2011

LEGOWorld – Day 3 – Fri 21 October 2011

LEGOWorld – Day 4 – Sat 22 October 2011

LEGOWorld – Day 5 – Sun 23 October 2011

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Videos from Legoworld Zwolle 2011

Lego Mindstorms NXT Brickbot at Legoworld 2011 Zwolle
(remote controlled via Bluetooth Android mobile phone)

A flying NXT!

A Lego Mindstorms NXT Vending Machine

Share on Facebook will attend LegoWorld Zwolle 2011 will attend LegoWorld Zwolle 2011

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Legoworld 2011 – Copenhagen

Here is a video from MCP “bazmarc” from Legoworld Copenhagen 2011

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Legoworld 2010 Zwolle #2


I am having a great time here with all the other Mindstorms guys.

I have a very slow Internet connection, so pictures, videos and stuff will be online on Tuesday. Check back here later…


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LegoWorld 2010 Zwolle

…currently packing, then starting towards the Netherlands….


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